Pelican Zen hosts African Drumming Workshops and Drum Circles in Mackay Queensland and also is a performance duo.

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Beginners Playshops and Drum Circles

Beginners Djembe Playshop

Sunday 16 February 2020
2.30pm to 4.00pm

For people who have never learnt the basics of African Drumming and those who want a refresher.

Including: How to hold the drum, how to produce the three main sounds on the drum and how to put those sounds together to make a rhythm and join in a drumming circle.
Requires a minimum of 6 attendees to proceed & maximum of 14 attendees.

Sunday Drum Circles with Zenith Rhythms

For people who have already learnt the basics and now want to learn new rhythms or improve their knowledge and skills with rhythms. (Must have done a beginners playshop to attend).
2.30pm to 3.30pm
1 March 2020
15 March 2020
29 March 2020
19 April 2020
31 May 2020
21 June 2020
5 July 2020
19 July 2020

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ABC Radio Interview

Listen to Jennifer, Lorrie, Karen, Sandi and Kate in an interview with Kim Kleidon on ABC Tropical North.

Jennifer Emmett has been playing and teaching African Drums since 2002.
In 2014 Jennifer has teamed up with the Mackay Women's Centre to deliver a series of Women's Drumming Workshops.

Listen to Jennifer, Lorrie, Karen, Sandi and Kate in an interview with Kim Kleidon on ABC Tropical North.

Bowen Children's Festival

Jennifer and Karen returned to the Bowen Childrens Festival to run a beginners workshop for the children above 12 and hands on drum play for the younger children.

Thanks Bowen we had a great day.

Womens Drumming Workshops

Jennifer and Karen ran womens drumming workshops at the Mackay Womens Centre between October and December the group performed at the Bluewater Quay on Monday 12 December.

Calen Community

On Saturday 9 April Jennifer ran a beginners drumming workshop with Calen community members and will support the to establish a local drumming group.

Dragons Abreast - Magical Mystery Tour

Cheryl organised a Magical Mystery Tour for the Dragons Abreast crew on Saturday the 10th of April.

One of the surprise stops was to do body percussion, singing and African Drumming with Karen and Jennifer.

We then ran a number of full moon drumming nights for the Dragons Abreast members sharing singing, drumming and food.


In October 2009 Jennifer and Karen travelled to Bowen to run workshops for the Children's Arts Festival.

Workshops included:
Bangin’ hands - bring on the drums! – beginnres workshop for 8 to 12 years.

2x Beat the drums! – hands-on drum play for 4 to 8 years.

Bangin’ hands - bring on the drums! – performance rehearsal for 8 to 12 years

African Drum performance. (8 to 10 minutes).

Hi Jennifer

Again, a huge thank you for sharing your passion for drumming with the children at the festival yesterday - it really was a special day!

Thanks, Cassie.


Jennifer & Karen have established a new performance group called Moohaha.

In January Jennifer and Karen were contracted to deliver a youth Drumming workshop.


Jennifer and Karen ran workshops at the Bucasia Neighbour day, the Child safety week event at Andergrove and at the Tempo Lifestyles full moon party.(

Jennifer and Karen ran workshops and organised performances with the Zinzabar Drummers.


Jennifer and Karen ran women's drumming workshops in Mackay and Airlie Beach.
Established a fire drum performance for the Whitsunday Anglican School art show.
Ran beginners drumming workshops with Zinzabar.


Jennifer and Karen worked with a group of community members to establish an opening performance for the 2006 Suncorp North Queensland Games.

Eungella Primary School

 Jennifer drummed wtih the Eungella School drummers

Jennifer ran workshops for the Zehotu Drummers resulting in numerous performances.